Rooh Amer Established In 1957

specialises in natural fragrances derived from fresh flowers and other natural ingredients like oud , vanilla, citrus notes etc . We have been the most preferred Indian fine perfume brand among the royal families since the beginning and not only in Jaipur but across India . Although all our fragrances are for men and women but we have been loved by the maharanis the most .

We have our stores situated in the best of hotels and monuments in Jaipur including the amer fort (flagship store ) and Rambagh palace hotel. We are a third generation in this business who plans to continues the legacy and make it an established name across the globe .

Rooh Amer

Royal Perfumers And Craftsmen Of Rajasthan

Rooh Amer

Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas and Maharanis holds a distinctly royal image in the map of the world.

Since centuries, Rajasthan has been renowned for its supremely beautiful heritage, its rooted cultures and traditions and most of all, its authentic Royal Indian craftsmanship.

The Royal families of Rajasthan have been known to use and preserve this craftsmanship since ages. Heirlooms passed from generation to generation, perfumes and other gifts derived from nature through one-of-a-kind cultural practices and metallic artefacts and sculptures that are nothing short of finesse. The marvelous art forms practiced by the craftsmen of Rajasthan are known to be one-of-kind not just in India, but throughout the world.

Rooh Amer presents the Royalty of Rajasthan to the rest of the world, in a way like no other.
Founded in the year 1957, Rooh Amer has been the perfume connoisseur of the Royal family since ages.

Perfumery is an ancient art form that can only be perfected by a chosen few and we, at Rooh Amer have been crafting perfect concoctions of scent using nature’s finest blooms and finds, and through an array of age-old processes and traditional procedures. Each fragrance we create is packed with a distinct scent of Rajasthan, bottled for the world to indulge in.

We are not just known for our authentic royal scents, but also for our heritage and Indian mythology inspired sculptures and home accessories.

The Indian mythology is the foundation of India’s deep-rooted, holy and incredibly spiritual tradition and culture. Our craftsmen at Rooh Amer curate and design handcrafted idols, artefacts and sculptures inspired by this culture. Each artwork, each sculpture is beautified and crafted to perfection using meticulously handcrafted techniques, native to Rajasthan.

At Rooh Amer, we present to you a glimpse of Rajasthan and a glimpse of India through our vast and handcrafted selection of Fragrances and Sculptures.

Our Stores are situated in the leading hotels and monuments throughout Jaipur including the Amer Fort and Rambagh Palace.

You Can Shop Our Products Online At www.roohamer.com.