Exploring the Rich Heritage of Handicrafts at Rooh Amer: A Journey Through Amer Fort, Jaipur


Welcome to Rooh Amer, a treasure trove of handicrafts nestled within the majestic walls of Amer Fort in Jaipur. As you step into our store, prepare to be captivated by the rich cultural heritage and timeless beauty of Jaipur's handicrafts. Join us on a virtual journey through Amer Fort as we unveil the exquisite artistry that awaits you at Rooh Amer.

  1. Amer Fort: A Living Testament to Rajasthan's Royal Legacy:

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Amer Fort, a magnificent fortress that stands as a testament to the opulence and valor of Rajasthan's rulers. Learn about the history and architectural marvels that grace this UNESCO World Heritage Site, setting the stage for the incredible handicrafts that you'll discover at Rooh Amer.

  1. The Art of Blue Pottery: A Cerulean Symphony:

Step into the world of Blue Pottery, one of Jaipur's most iconic handicrafts. Delve into the origins and techniques behind this mesmerizing art form, where artisans skillfully mold and paint clay to create stunning pieces adorned with shades of blue. Discover our collection of Blue Pottery at Rooh Amer, where you'll find decorative items and tableware that effortlessly blend tradition and contemporary design.

  1. Intricate Block Printing: A Tapestry of Colors:

Experience the magic of block printing, a craft that has been passed down through generations. Unravel the process of hand-carving intricate patterns onto wooden blocks, which are then used to print vibrant designs onto textiles. At Rooh Amer, explore a wide range of hand-block printed fabrics, including bedspreads, curtains, and apparel, each telling a unique story through its patterns and colors.

  1. Jaipur's Enchanting Jewelry: Bedazzle in Elegance:

Indulge in the allure of Jaipur's exquisite jewelry, renowned for its intricate designs and meticulous craftsmanship. Discover the art of Kundan, Meenakari, and Jadau jewelry, where precious stones are delicately set in gold or silver, creating pieces fit for royalty. At Rooh Amer, immerse yourself in a collection that showcases the timeless beauty and regal charm of Jaipur's jewelry traditions.

  1. Majestic Textiles and Embroidery: Weaving Tales of Rajasthan:

Uncover the rich tapestry of Rajasthan's textile traditions and intricate embroidery techniques. From the dazzling brilliance of Gota Patti to the resplendent allure of Zardozi, witness the skilled hands that breathe life into fabrics with their needlework. At Rooh Amer, explore a stunning range of embroidered textiles, including sarees, stoles, and cushion covers, each showcasing the artistry and cultural heritage of Jaipur.


Rooh Amer invites you to embark on a captivating journey through Amer Fort's rich heritage of handicrafts. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors, exquisite designs, and timeless craftsmanship that make each piece unique. Visit our store, located within the walls of Amer Fort, and experience the magic of Jaipur's handicrafts. Let Rooh Amer be your gateway to the world of heritage, culture, and artistic beauty that Jaipur has to offer.

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