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Buddha Chakra Idol

Buddha Chakra Idol

Buddha Chakra Idol

May this exquisite Buddha sculpture be a timeless symbol, guiding you to maintain a sense of calmness and serenity in every aspect of life.

  • Immerse yourself in eternal peacefulness with the captivating Buddha sculpture, adorned with calming shades and lifelike details.
  • Designed and sculpted by master artisans at Rooh Amer, this sculpture beautifully captures the calm expression and gracefulness of Buddha.
  • Create an aura of peace by placing this sculpture in a chosen space, inviting tranquility and serenity into your surroundings.
  • A thoughtful gift choice, this sculpture carries a powerful message of calmness and serves as a reminder for loved ones to find inner peace.
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An amalgam of calming shades and a lifelike sculpt, this Buddha sculpture is an omen of eternal peacefulness. Designed and sculpted by our master artisans at Rooh Amer, this sculpture capture's Buddha's calm expression and gracefulness in the finest possible way. Place this sculpture in a space of your choice to maintain an aura of peace or choose it as a thoughtful gift to offer your loved ones. May this sculpture forever remind you to stay calm, wherever you are.


Material: brass, Real semi-precious, Handmade, Sustainable, Ethically sourced